Our weightlifting class is a combination of Power and Olympic lifting. Weightlifting technique can take years to build, so we offer a specific class to improve your technique faster, under the watchful eye of an experienced coach.

Whether you are an endurance athlete or someone who wants better work capacity to be able to perform metabolic conditioning more efficiently, EEF’s Endurance class can benefit you. Endurance is not only for those athletes who want to do Triathlons or Marathons, but also holds a multitude of benefits for the average athlete or anyone looking for better cardio endurance in their everyday fitness.

Adult gymnastics exercises will teach you how to move your own body through space. We will dive deeper into the technical aspects of functional fitness movements and classic crossfit-style movements.

Also included in your membership, comp prep will take your training to the next level. Come and train alongside other competitors and coaches during any open gym hours! Competition prep is listed daily in our free membership app.

For kids ages 8-12! Get your kids in the gym to build healthy habits, accountability, responsibility, work ethic, and more through our community of like-minded families. Got teens? Call today to speak with a coach about getting them into classes.

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If you are someone that has struggled with exercising and have a hard time staying motivated on your own, or you are intimidated by the class setting, we can help with individualized personal training. With Personal Training, you will receive specific individual attention to work on any weaknesses or simply gain the confidence to start attending classes. Personal Training can help advanced athletes as well. Do you have a skill that has eluded you or a movement you are trying to master but want additional coaching to be strong and efficient? Maybe you have some mobility issues that limit your range of motion. Contact us today with your goals and we can provide you with more information to get you where you want to be!

You can’t out-train a bad diet. If you don’t know what to eat and when, you’ll never experience the full lifestyle changes that can transform you. We’ll guide you to the resources you need to create better eating habits for life. No gimmicks or quick-fixes. Request a 45-minute consultation today!

​If you have specific training goals or are ready to take your fitness to a competitive level, we’ll pair you with a coach that will create a program specific to your strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is always to maintain your strengths while building your weaknesses… giving you a wider base of fitness. The bigger the base, the higher the pyramid. Contact us today for information on individualized programming.