Ergon Elite Fitness opened its doors in May 2015. After two years of business, Cara Lionetti moved to Clarksville to purchase the gym, with the goal of building a member base that exudes community, professionalism, and commitment to health. Since November 2018, Ergon Elite Fitness has more than doubled in size, allowing for more equipment, classes, and an outdoor training area to accommodate members’ growing desire to get healthy and fit in a thriving community.

"Ergon Elite fitness is not simply a box. We are committed to creating the type of community that will change lives forever. We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive and negativity- free. No cliques, drama, or gossip. Just good old- fashioned hard work in the company of great friends. Our goal is to help athletes reach whatever goals they want, from lifestyle changes to high-level competition." —Cara Lionetti, Owner

Cara Lionetti

Owner, CF-LV1, CF-LV2, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), Youth Fitness Specialist, First Aid/CPR/AED, B.S. Holistic Nutrition / Certified WAG Coach

Favorite Workout Music: Old School Rock or Rap
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Diane
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Handstand Walk, Pull-ups, and other Gymnastics

I have been an athlete my entire life. I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 6 to 16, comp team cheerleader in high school and college, and easily transitioned into the fitness industry in 2001. I have been certified in all fitness formats, from IM=X Pilates and Yoga to Group Fitness (cycling, LesMills, Silver Sneakers, Kids’ Fitness) to Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching… to, finally, CrossFit. After experiencing a season of burn-out from the bodybuilding style fitness, I enter CrossFit Ergon on its’ opening day... and never turned back. Functional fitness reignited a passion for health, and athletic competition, which I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Upon moving to Italy 9 months later, I began training for competition and was blessed to be able to compete alongside the top master athletes in the country. I plan to continue to pursue continuing education as a CMS (Certified Movement Specialist) and continue learning how to make our members stronger and healthier for life. More than anything, I want to teach each individual that with hard work, full effort, and a positive mindset, you can achieve whatever goals you decide to take on.

Francesco Lionetti


Favorite Workout Music: Hard Rock
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Fran
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Ring Muscle Up, Burpees

Sports have been a mission for my entire life. I was a former sprinter at a national level (100, 200, 400 mt). I changed to soccer, which became a passion, and I had the opportunity to play at the semi-professional level. It gave me the chance to be formed by Sampdoria, a Series A team, one of the best youth teams of the Italian league. After the age of 19, I decided to travel, to broaden my horizons. I lived in England, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Egypt, Spain, Zanzibar and Italy.

Throughout the years, the one constant has been my love for sport... from basic weightlifting to beach volley, beach tennis, half marathons, 5k runs, archery, ski, snowboard, biathlon... and now, CrossFit. A couple of years ago I had my first contact with CrossFit and I immediately fell in love with the community. Since then I have been continuing my education through OPEX Fitness in order to work on individual prescription for people with differing athletic goals--from moms and business men, to specific sports training, to military goal training. The community, the comradery, the results that smart fitness gives you with your full dedication... are all incredible. My goal is to integrate my sports background and my education with functional fitness to build better, more well-rounded, humans. And, to make people love burpees.

Abbey Pacolt

Coach Mentor

CF-LV1, USAW-LV1, EMR, First Aid/CPR/AED certified / Crossfit Gymnastics

Favorite Workout Music: Trap/EDM
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Heavy Snatch

I played volleyball for 8 years competitively and managed to claim the title of two state championships. After I decided to no longer play, I realized I had no idea how to stay in shape. And I most definitely did not have healthy eating habits. As the months and years went on, I ended up gaining around 50+ pounds. In this time, I was pursuing a career in firefighting. I was barely passing physical agility tests or performing my job duties with the strength and speed I needed. I constantly felt weak and inadequate. But I had no idea how to get on the right track. After leaving my first fire department in Alaska, and moving to Clarksville with my husband, I had gained another 30 pounds. A total of 80 pounds in weight gain. I could barely walk up to the second story in my home without getting winded. My goal was to obtain a career with Clarksville Fire Rescue, but there was absolutely no way I would pass the physical agility test at 250 pounds.

April of 2016, I walked into CrossFit Ergon with a dream in my mind. I would not only pass that physical agility test, I would make a statement. In 2018 I was blessed with the opportunity to test for Clarksville Fire Rescue. Not only did I pass the physical agility test, I broke the record for the female time. After losing 75 pounds for my dream, my passion; the blood, sweat, and tears paid off. I was hired on with Clarksville Fire Rescue. I was put on this earth to help people. Whether it be on their darkest day. Or teaching them to fall in love with what they're capable of accomplishing. CrossFit Ergon changed my life. I can’t wait to help you make the same change. To be a better you.

Julie Couball

Coach Education

CF-LV1 / Certified WAG Coach

Favorite music to workout: Rock & Rap
Favorite benchmark: Cindy
Favorite movement: Deadlift

Originally from Ocala, Fl, I left home at 18 to join the United States Air Force as a Weather Forecaster. While serving, I met my husband, had my son, and discovered my passion for fitness. I spent a lot of time working out on my own in typical gyms, but found myself getting bored…until I found CrossFit. From the moment I stepped inside a box, I was completely hooked. The community, the competition, and the challenge to constantly better myself has been a driving factor in my life. So much so, that I decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science at Austin Peay State University and also attend the CF-L1 course to begin coaching. I strongly believe that fitness is both empowering and life changing. It brings me great joy to witness the achievements of my fellow athletes, whether it be a new PR, skill, weight-loss, or increased confidence. I feel truly blessed that I can now have a hand in helping others along their fitness journey.

Ellen Hayes

The Brand X Method / Certified WAG Coach

Favorite music to workout: Pop and Hip-hop
Favorite benchmark: KAREN
Favorite movement: Snatch

I was always a clumsy athlete as a kid, I was always breaking bones. When I played softball and broke my wrist, then broke my elbow in gymnastics, and finally re-broke the same elbow at the batting cages, my parents figured the more sports I was in, the more likely emergency room visits would be. It wasn’t until I followed in my big sister’s footsteps and joined the color guard team in high school that I felt athletic and graceful for the first time. The training (which combined dance with HIIT strengthening and conditioning) that went into color guard made me physically and mentally strong and cultivated my love for exercise. While looking for ways to stay active after I graduated, I found CrossFit and never looked back.

I have always worked with young children, from being a nanny to daycare, and now, I am living my dream combining my passion for CrossFit with my expert background in child care. I enjoy coaching kids because I find our energies easy to match. I have completed The Brand X Method Certification for youth functional fitness, and am excited to see where this path takes me. Some of my future goals in CrossFit are competing and coaching a small army of children who share the same love for being active.

Belinda Canales

WAG Business Admin, BLS/CPR/AED, Certified WAG Coach, CF-LV1

Favorite Workout Music: HipHop/Rap/Reggae
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Squat Cleans

I am Belinda, originally from Puerto Rico and left my hometown at eighteen years old in 2012 to become an Army Wife. Since then I have been living in Clarksville. I have two children. In my early school years, I always was part of sports like track and field, basketball and volley ball and competed in them if I had the opportunity. Later down the road in 2014, thanks to a neighbor, I joined a military wife community that exercised on post and that’s when I found weightlifting and Crossfit. And the passion I have for it is immense! I became a member of the USA Weightlifting association and took part in a few weightlifting meets. In the beginning of 2019, I visited the community of Crossfit Ergon and loved it. Since then I’ve grown and improved my stamina and strength and specialized in nutrition. Working in this community is my passion and I haven’t looked back since. I am committed and love helping people of all ages reach their goals. I am currently in continuing education to keep offering help to our members... to achieve powerful results.

Katie Palenzuela

CF Level 1/CF Gymnastics, CPR, First Aid, AED

Favorite Workout Music: Anything but country!
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Snatch, Pull Ups

I was born and raised in central Florida and spent many hot days on the water - skiing or swimming - or on the softball field. I was introduced to weightlifting during my senior year of high school and spent my college days in the "globo gym" world before marrying an Army man. My husband first (attempted to) introduce me to CrossFit in 2006 when he was doing workouts from their website. Two children, 50+ lbs, thyroid disease, anxiety, a career, military life challenges and 8 years later (whew!), I drove to my first CrossFit box three times before I could get up the nerve to go inside. Ever since that first workout, I have never looked back. In the past 6 years I have been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the best coaches in middle Tennessee, compete in local CrossFit competitions, and qualified for the American Open at The Arnold as an olympic weightlifter in 2020.

The sport of CrossFit will make you stronger, faster, and more fit - but the people of CrossFit will change your life. I have met the most amazing coaches and friends and learned more about my body, my mind, and my spirit than I could have imagined. I look forward to giving those gifts back to the community of Ergon Elite Fitness through coaching and can't wait to see you all on the mat!

Miles Reidelberger

CF-LV1, Aerobic Capacity Ambassador, BSc Chemistry

Favorite Workout Music: 80’s with a dash of "Oh Yeah"
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Double Unders

I was born and raised in Southern Illinois in a typical small town where football was everything. I excelled in that and made All State. After high school, I did not pursue football, but instead enlisted in the National Guard and eventually got my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. After college, I married the love of my life and we moved to Australia where we lived for almost 5 years. Two kids and many dogs later, my career led me to manage a chemical plant in Nashville for nine years.

My fitness path came later in life. I fell in love with Crossfit after watching the documentaries on Netflix. After many years of being a devoted garage Crossfitter, I decided to leave corporate America and try to make my passion a full-time gig. It took a long time to repair the damage that a lot of years of neglect had created, but I got there kicking and screaming. I made every mistake along the way, but now I feel I have a lot of knowledge to spread to others and hopefully make their path easier. I love how Crossfit keeps the competitive fire burning. Not competing with anyone but myself, I am determined to be better year after year.

Heather Love

CF-LV1; B.S. Nursing, RN; B.S. Health Science

Favorite Workout Music: Rock and Hip Hop
Favorite Benchmark WOD: Helen
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Does programmed rest count? Otherwise, BB Thrusters and Burpees (I say this very loosely…)

Hi, I’m Heather! I am originally from a suburb of Chicago, IL where I was born into a small, active family. I met my husband during undergrad and was swept into the Army life soon after graduation.

My outlet in life has always been through sports, but after six years of running and two years of triathlons, I no longer felt content. I wanted something more, something different. In 2017 I was persuaded to attend my first CrossFit class. I was extremely reluctant and remember sitting in my car until the last minute. To my surprise, I was immediately welcomed into what I now know is your extended family. It has now been three years since joining and every day and I am grateful I was brave enough to step into my first class. Since then, I haven’t stopped growing and learning.

Through CrossFit, I’ve become stronger physically and mentally, gained so much confidence, and found a sense of belonging. As a coach, I want the same and more for my athletes. I want each athlete to know that they are capable and they have a safe place to come each day.

I truly believe there is a place for everyone in fitness, and I guarantee if you come to class and feel at home, your life will be changed.

Randi Hobson

Administrative Assistant, Top of the Box Communications Manager

I was born and raised in Colorado, and have been involved in sports since I could walk! I swam, ran track, and played basketball from elementary through high school, and played volleyball in middle and high school. I have always had a strong sense of competition, and thrive in a team environment. I joined the Army out of high school, and served for 6 years as Military Police before being medically retired. During my last year of service, I was introduced to competitive Adaptive Sports. They have been a huge part of my life post-military, and an integral part of my healing process. I have competed both locally and internationally in swimming, track, rowing, and sitting volleyball.

I was introduced to CrossFit and CrossFit Ergon in December of 2018 after relocating to Tennessee, and I have loved it from the beginning! I needed a form of functional fitness that would keep me accountable and help me keep up with my super awesome, but very active, toddler. The community of people here have been such a blessing- it really is a big family. I started doing Child Watch shortly after joining the gym, and have just grown into other positions in the gym. I love meeting and talking to the members of the gym, and being witness to their growth and successes both in an out of the box.